What to Do if You're Facing Misdemeanor Charges

Contact a misdemeanor defense attorney in Troy, MI

Misdemeanor charges might not seem as serious as felony charges, but they can still impact you for the rest of your life. Hiring a misdemeanor defense attorney will maximize your chances of getting a favorable outcome. Turn to MGM Legal, PLLC for expert legal defense in Troy, MI. Our lead attorney has years of experience practicing criminal law. He will review every aspect of your case and build you a solid defense.

3 things you should expect if you're convicted of a misdemeanor

3 things you should expect if you're convicted of a misdemeanor

Don't brush off misdemeanor charges. If you neglect to hire a misdemeanor defense attorney, you could be facing:

  1. Restricted rights. If you're convicted, you could lose your right to carry a firearm.
  2. Fines. Be prepared to pay hefty fines if the jury finds you guilty of your charges.
  3. Jail time. You could be sentenced up to a year in jail for misdemeanor charges.
It's your future on the line. Make sure you have a solid defense by hiring a criminal law firm in Troy, MI.

General Misdemeanors

•Retail Fraud
•Petty Theft
•Domestic Violence
•Assault & Battery
•Operating While Intoxicated (DWI, DUI, OWI, OUI, OUIL, OUIN)
•Driving While License Suspended
•Possession of Marijuana
•Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
•Disorderly Person
•Public Urination
•Public Intoxication
•Trespassing/ Illegal Entry
•Criminal Traffic Offenses