Did You Accidentally Violate Your Probation?

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Being on probation requires paying attention to your every move. There are a lot of requirements to remain on probation, from travel to communication. Many people accidentally violate their probation. If you're facing probation violation charges, meet with a criminal defense attorney in Troy, Michigan. MGM Legal, PLLC will work with you to build a case and advocate on your behalf.

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    Probation comes with many rules

    When you're on probation, you have to follow a lot of restricted guidelines. If not, you'll be charged with a probation violation. Some of the most common ways people violate their probation include:

    • Contact with prohibited individuals, including victims and family of victims
    • Criminal activity, including drug use, possession of a firearm and driving without a license
    • Unauthorized travel, most commonly across state lines or out of the country
    • Failure to meet requirements, including drug tests, counseling sessions and community service
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