Success Stories/Client Reviews

    Drunk Driving Case Dismissed

    In a drunk driving case I recently represented a client on, the prosecution was unable to prove that my client was driving the vehicle in question. Although the client admitted to driving during his conversation with the police officer, there was no independent evidence other than his own statements. The Court agreed with my legal argument that my client's own statements were inadmissible under these circumstances, and fortunately my client's drunk driving case was dismissed.

    Felony Firearm Charges Never Brought

    In an ugly situation at a local shopping mall, my client made an ill-advised decision to brandish his firearm at another individual. Security was called and the police promptly came and arrested him. I was contacted by my client's family while he was in custody. I immediately went to the police department, visited my client and demanded his release from custody. He was released without incident and I convinced the prosecutor that criminal charges were not appropriate in this instance.

    Assault & Battery Charge Dismissed

    My client was celebrating a night out with his friends, where he was shoved for no apparent reason. My client had attempted to talk his way out of the situation when the aggressor actually began kicking him. My client was in crutches and had a cast on his broken leg. After the failed peaceful attempt, my client struck the aggressor in the face to stop any further imminent harm. Unfortunately, my client was charged. I convinced the prosecutor that they would be unsuccessful and couldn't possibly secure a guilty verdict with our self-defense claim. The prosecutor agreed and dismissed the case.

    What Our Clients Have To Say About Us


      Best Lawyer Around. I had gotten myself into some legal trouble and was referred to Michael to take care of my issue. When I first met him he made sure that I knew that I wasn't going through this tough time alone and that everything was going to be alright which made me feel a lot better about my situation. All throughout the process he was great to work with and always answered any questions I had. It didn't matter what time of day it was he was always there to talk. It seems in today's age that there is not many people that will go the extra mile for you but he definitely did that. I would not recommend any other lawyer but Michael to anyone that needs one. Very happy with my experience with him.

      Nicholas W.

      This man put every thing into my case. I spent thousands of dollars in the past trying to get my license because I had over 20 civil infractions that I paid off but everytime I went to sos I was denied. It became a huge burden on my family due to not being able to drive, work, be a provider for my family. He answered my questions within minutes even on weekends and made a biography about my life, got the prosecutors agreement to plea days before trial. I had no doubt I was going to be behind the wheel with him as my attorney. I highly recommend Michael as a attorney because HE WILL make sure you eventually get justice. Thank you Michael for all your hard work! YOUR THE MAN!

      Alex and Vesna.

      The Most Knowledgeable and Helpful Lawyer Around. Mike Mitchell is a wonderful lawyer and a very helpful one too. He helped us in so many ways, that we would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who needs the best lawyer in town. He kept us updated with everything that was going on. What makes him the best lawyer in town? Is that he has a lot of knowledge and experience dealing with criminal, real estate, and business cases. You don't need to search for any other lawyer but Mike Mitchell who knows his business. We give him more than a five -star rating. Good work Mike!!!! May God Bless You Now And Forever!!! Thanks a Million!


      You Can't Get Better. When I first met Michael I had put myself in a bad / embarrassing situation. Michael immediately put me at ease. His care and compassion was the first thing brought forward. Once he heard and understood my predicament his legal prowess came forth. Through his easy to use communication web site we began to work though my troubles. And work he did. If it were not for Michael I would be in jail today. I highly recommend Michael. Still to this day he cares as I periodically get a "How you doing" message/post. How much better than that can you get?

      Ray H.

      Very professional! Nice to have someone represent me that was confident that he was going to beat my case. I'd give 10 stars if it was an option


      Expert On Your Side. Mike represented me on a personal legal matter a few years ago and is also my legal counsel for my business. I feel very fortunate for the referral of his services and the relationship we have established as most attorneys that I've talked to, do not have the breadth of knowledge in different areas of the law as Mike does.


      Amazing Attorney. I hired Mike when I decided to file for divorce. He has been, at all times, kind, patient, and helpful. He has always responded to any questions or concerns I've had quickly, and been a great help with much needed advice. I would recommend no other attorney - he's the best.


      It's nice to work with an attorney that actually does what he says he will do and doesn't gouge you for extra money! Mr Mitchell got my case dismissed when I thought the worst would happen to me. Call him!


      VOP Advice. MR. Mitchell responded to my question regarding a violation of probation promptly. Mr. Mitchell answered my question extremely thoroughly he is very knowledgeable, I have not retained an attorney yet for my V.O.P however when the time comes for me to retain an attorney it WILL MOST CERTAINLY BE Mr. Mitchell.


      What I need when I need it. I've hired Mike for many business matters, most recently, having him review and eventually draft a new non-disclosure agreement. He was quick, professional and courteous and pointed out about a hundred things that I never would've caught. Good thing he did. The "oversights" I made could have ended up costing me thousands of dollars. I highly recommend Mike as an attorney.


      Comfort in an Uncomfortable Situation. Mike went above and beyond with his services, in my OWI case. He was incredibly punctual, easy and comforting to work with, and helped out more than I could have expected. I definitely recommend Mike to anyone who has any inquires law related!


      Business Matter. Mr. Mitchell did a fantastic job providing professional and expeditious feedback and documentation for an LLC dissolution. His demeanor is professional and courteous and his work product is excellent. I highly recommend Mike as an attorney.


      Great Work. I was assaulted 1 week into a cast with a broken ankle and I defended myself; however I was charged with assault and battery. Mr. Mitchell was able to get it reduced to impeding traffic (non-reportable) citation without going to trial. He worked very hard and was excellent to work with. I highly recommend!


      Worth the Call. Mike goes above and beyond in and out of court. He makes you feel comfortable. No judgement there. He sincerely wants to help which is a pleasant surprise. And he kept me out of jail and my record clean. No wonder he was referred. He gets the job done.